Title: Five Ways to Save on Last Minute Trips

We all have an urge to travel. However, we often let excuses like not having enough time, money, or plan stop us from following this desire. Well, today you say goodbye to those excuses, and hello to a last minute adventure. To help, we composed a list of five ways to save on a last minute trip.


Compare Prices

Use price comparison sites, like Hotwire and Travelocity, to find the cheapest airfare and hotel prices. Next, call a few airlines and hotel companies to ask them about their prices. Mention what the comparison sites charge, and then assess the differences.


Sometimes these sites make money through bookings, which means extra fee charges. Directly contacting the hotel or airline could eliminate those fees and reveal other deals, like the best days to book within a certain timeframe.


But don’t completely mark price comparison sites off your list of cheaper ticket options. These sites often offer discount codes through Groupon. Because of these coupons,  you may end up saving more money booking through Hotwire than booking directly through an airline.


Check Last Minute Deal Sites


Travelocity has a section devoted to last minute travel. Use this page to help you start your location search. Travelzoo lists a wide range of last minute travel choices, everything from a 9-Day ski trip in the Rockies to cheap tickets to a vegas show. Both sites allow you to either stroll through the highlighted offers, or enter a location or date and explore more specific discounts.


Alamo offers last minute deals on car rentals, and Hotels.com offers last minute savings on booking a hotel. Maximize your discounts by checking all of these sites before you book a flight, hotel, or rent a car.


Be Flexible with the Date

Use airfare monitoring sites like AirfareWatchdog, Skyscanner, and WhichBudget to discover the dates with the cheapest flight prices. Many airlines also show the prices for booking on certain days, so let this guide you on which arrival and departure dates to pick. If you have a lot of free time coming up, save money by being lenient with your travel timeline.


Be Flexible with the Location


Visiting New Jersey, or even Philadelphia, is cheaper than traveling through New York City. Both cities also have many attractions to explore and see, and they are less populated than NYC. Also they are close enough to it that you can still visit the big apple while saving in New Jersey and Philadelphia. The same applies to traveling through Las Vegas instead of Los Angeles.

Having adventures in nearby smaller, less popular cities is the best of both worlds: pay less, have fun, and still have the chance to explore the bigger city.


Use Travel Apps

A few of the best apps for last minute traveling are: TodayTix, Secret Escapes, and GTFO (Get the Flight Out). TodayTix sells discounted tickets for major broadway shows, and other live events. It’s mainly geared toward major cities, but still a great resource for finding discounted entertainment.

Secret Escapes lists last minute deals on hotels all around the world. The deals are usually only offered for a limited time at high-end hotels and spas. The discounted prices usually fall within the 30 to 70 percent off range.

GTFO offers flight deals that are highly discounted but have a very limited travel window. Usually, you need to book and leave within a few days or weeks. If you’re ready to leave today, this might be the best site for your last minute traveling.


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