Why Diet Pills Dangerous For Your Health & Body?

Diet pills or weight loss pills are gaining popularity day by day. People are buying those diet pills without any hesitation, as they provide them their desired results. A wide range of benefits are associated with diet pills such as, suppress appetite, slow down cravings and burn calories. But people are not aware of the dark side of these products. Some diet pills are good for you and for your health while most of them have some serious side effects which effect your health physically and emotionally. Many diet pills contains stimulants which cause these effects. Some the major risk of using diet pills are:


  • Cardiovascular Risks:

Diet pills works in several ways, some will increase your metabolism and energy, some will suppress you appetite and some will burn calorie. These all functions depend on the stimulants present in these diet pills. In a friendly note, these stimulants are not good for your health, as they sometimes increase your blood circulation and even your heart rate. Numerous over-the-counter drugs contains caffeine, green tea extract and ginseng. These products increase your blood circulation which may lead to several cardiovascular diseases. Although FDA banned some of the over-the-counter drugs due to their dangerous side effects, but some are still available in the market.


  • Dependency and Depression:

As we discuss above, that many diet pills effect your health emotionally. According to several psychologist, diet pills are very addictive. Once you start taking diet pills, whether prescription or over-the-counter, you will totally depend on them. Many side effects are associated with diet pills once you are addicted, such as anxiety, mood changes, shame and depression. Stimulants that are present in diet pills can cause irritability, severe depression and other mental and emotional disorders.

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  • Insomnia:

Insomnia is a condition where people have trouble sleeping or in other words inability of sleeping. Insomnia is a psychological condition which is also caused by the stimulants present in diet pills. In this condition weight loss pills act as coffee and other energy drink. We usually drink coffee and tea to keep yourselves awake at night. If we take diet pills regularly this will effect our nervous system and cause insomnia. In addition to insomnia, diet pill also cause frustration, anxiety and grogginess.


  • Nervousness:

Linking it with the risk mentioned above, nervousness can be increased as a result of high heart rates. For short term, an individual might experience regular headaches and nervousness in daily parts of life. It can lead to headaches and impatience. For any further assistance it is suggested to you to consult your doctor or physician.

  • Digestive Problems:

Many diet pills reduce weight by blocking fat absorption. Since diet pills interact with your digestive system, it can also cause some harm to your digestive system. After taking diet pills an individual may experience some mild or serious side effects related to digestion.


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